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Are there any good ways to help get rid of spots?

Apart from a good diet and medicines!Are there any good ways to help get rid of spots?
oh yes! it's been week and wow- good for senistive skin as its all natural! exfloeate, a clay face mask even if your a guy and rise, apply sudo crem to the face after. or wash face in camille tea and drink some to, apply sudo crem. or tea tree oil massaged to face but not neat oil then apply s c. try a different one each day so your skin doesn't get used to it! good luck.Are there any good ways to help get rid of spots?
Magnesium Sulphate paste (more commonly known as drawing ointment) is used to treat boils and sores quite quickly. It works well on spots too, but be prepared, spots don't magically fade, they need to come to a 'head' before anything, and often this will require gentle application of tweezers and a strong stomach. The paste just quickens the process, application once a day, can be bought from any chemist for around 拢1.50.

I also find that eating strong oranges, once a day brings a healthy glow to the skin and reduces spots, but that's just me.
many people say all these medicines and vitamins and bad old remedies work. When the real thing to treat spots is to do absolutely nothing. Your skin has not fully developed so you will always get spots until a certain age.

But what I found and many others who I told this to is to not use anything. Just make sure you take off all your make-up. My spots went in 2 days due to me doing nothing. It's because all these liquids and creams block up the spots so they can't get rid of the bad stuff.

That's the simplest way I could explain it.

Use nothing and I can guarantee you'll see a difference. :]

hope this helps.
When it comes to the face, heat is the biggest key. Heat creates an atmosphere for your pores to expand. A hot rag (as hot as you can stand it) across the face is the best bet. As far as a topical treatment, you need to invest in a good scrub and a very fine toner. I tell people this all the time that I do makeup for. Here are some key things to remember when looking for cleansers:

1. A good scrub needs to have some sort of exfoliant (i.e. microbeads, pumice grains, etc.) in it. Once you have applied the hot rag to your face and opened up your pores, the scrub is used to get deep down into the pores and clean them out.

2. In a good scrub, stay away from anything that has a lot of soap or fragrance to it. Fragrance = additives that probably will makes things worse. Your main ingredient when looking for a scrub is salicylic acid. Salicylic acid acts as an antibacterial to cleanse deep to break up the blackheads and fight the bacteria causing them.

3. A good toner should be found because once the skin is clean, the toner is used to tighten the cleansed pores to minimalize the entrance of future bacteria. And sadly to say it (but get over it), A TONER DOES STINK! Its made primarily of alcohol, so it will stink! Get over it! It's worth it!

4. Lastly, and a lot of people don't think about this, find a light lotion with an added sunscreen (at least SPF 15). You want a light lotion (nothing fancy or fragrancy) with a sunscreen to prevent dryness from the toner and the sunscreen willhelp protect from sun damage (obviously!).

Always remember to catch blackheads before they start (before they become pimples)! And for the love of God: DO NOT PICK AT A PIMPLE IF YOU GET ONE! picking only creates more infection from the bacteria on your hands....and most importantly: it's just GROSS! Some brands to try for a scurb or toner would be: Oil of Olay, Biore`, Clinique, Clean %26amp; Clear, Clearasil.......just to name a few!

Have a nice daii x
OK. WELL....

*Drink plenty of water...(2litres a day)

* Wash your fave with scentless soap (Dove for example)

* Try lemon and honey mixed together and wipe onto your face.

Good luck
Use Tea tree oil

Steam your face, opens up your pores and then cleanse your face.

Exfoliate at least twice a week

Cut down on the saturated fats as they make you break out

Cleanse daily

and ..... DRINK WATER!!!!!
to get rid of spots i use t-zone spot zapper and face wash works really well very good not that expensive packet was 拢4.00 cheap or what lol
I have a cream called ';once daily duac gel'; its actually unreal it works so well, within days my spots were gone no joke!
tooth paste
go to the spa and get some facials

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