Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to remove the dark spots from my pimples?

I never had such plenty of pimples which I'm experiencing right now. It's too upsetting. Now, my pimples are starting to go away, but they turn into dark spots. Is there a way to totally remove them? Can you recommend what cream or medication to apply/use? ThanksHow to remove the dark spots from my pimples?
These are some good natural options to choose from -

鈥?Rosehip seed oil can work for you. It can regenerate new skin and fade the skin discoloration caused by the scarring. Take time to massage onto scars twice daily.

鈥?Lavender oil is also used to promote new cell regeneration to improve surgical scars. Gently massage onto affected area.

Especially for dark scars, a good skin lightening cream can help lighten the pigmentations. Choose one without hydroquinone, mercury or steroid because these ingredients can harm skin.

I'm sure you'll find one that's best for you.

How to remove the dark spots from my pimples?
They'll go away on their own over time but there are a number of things you can buy in a drug store to put on them to fade the spots faster. If they're really bad, go to the dermatologist and they can give you a prescription med - I have one that is normally used for treating roseacea and it works well on old pimple marks.
You can use natural methods, like using a scrub made from mixing Gram flour, Kasturi Manjal and a little milk.

Apply that to your face and scrub lightly in circular motions through out the pigmented area. Discoloration will vanish slowly over the days.

You can also try , which can be used as a scrub to remove the black marks. If you use this regularly, you will get the glow back on your face.

To know more about Kasturi Manjal please do visit this link.

You can try out either of these two ways, they will help you to regain y color and glow.
try rubbing face with tamato mix few drops of lemon daily, and at night apply coconut oil on face its works wonder

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